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Russell Littlefield's Journal

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


watch manosstillrules fight
what should i read next

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

12:26PM - doom and gloom report. manos style.

And everyone remembers the last doom and gloom report, right ken?

Alright this is it. I’ve fucking had it. The levels of immature drama has gotten way too high. And worse yet, I’m stuck in the middle. So you bastards are forcing me to play my hand, fine you brought this on yourselves. Being in the middle means that i’ve also heard both sides of the stories, which means i’m playing mediator. Don’t like it? Fucking deal. This entry will be mean and hurtful. You WILL act as I say and you WILL fix these problems ON YOUR OWN. This will end NOW.

There is one thing that I hate most in this world. It has a name. It is called “High School Drama.” Although, such a problem does exist at an earlier years, but i digress. There is too much high school drama floating around everyone currently. So I’m ending all the drama. It WILL end.

1) I never said I would never join Kara’s game. YOU ARE WRONG! You can scream and argue and yell till you are blue in the face. I never said that. YOU WILL ACCEPT IT! YOU WILL DEAL WITH IT!

moving right along to more important matters.

2) Kara and Sarah need to talk. You two are still mad over the D&D phone call. Sarah felt forced out because felt taking levels of cleric will help, but kara said that would help sarah have fun. Kara knows how upset sarah was over niche overlay in the Exaulted game, and thought that two healers may cause more niche overlay amongst players. Am I wrong? If so, then you two have common ground to start talking. Both parties will understand the “whys” when you two are done talking. Email, phone calls, whatever. Verbal dihereah to each other however you please. Just get talking. I honestly don’t care if this results in everyone agreeing never to be friends again. That is a solution, what we have now is not. Why not max, simple. There is still water under the bridge. It’s blatenly obvious between you two. Topics will get mucked up and talking will not fix THIS issue.

2a) I watched a D&D game every other week. This game was rather interesting and looked like fun. One day, the GM went to me and said that there was an opening in the game, then proceeded to invite me into the game. I accepted. Did you see any talk of betrayl or backstabbing? No? BECAUSE THERE WAS NONE. That is why I joined the game. Unacceptable answer? Too bad, IT’S THE TRUTH. Unlike all the little kiddies running wrong, I ignore/do not care about drama. You’ll learn how when you grow up. So, until 2) is resolved I refuse to speak at all about my joining the game. There will be no discussion till other matters are taken care of first. If and only if after 2) is settled, if sarah and max are still upset about, then we will have a discussion. End of story.

3) Sarah and Ken need to talk. Ken stuck his nose in, so now he needs to dig it out. Will and Grace need to do one of those all night talk a thons, or whatever it is they used to do and fix their little mess. I don’t care who started it, END IT.

4) Sarah and Carrie need to talk. Honestly, you two need to figure out whether or not you two want to be friends anymore. A simple quick email of “I don’t” will solve this issue fast. Ignoring each other like what is going on now will not. One of you tell the other whether or not they do. Just start babbling. Max stay out of this one. It doesn’t consern you.

YOU ARE ALL ACTING LIKE KIDS. Everyone is. Stop talking about each other behind each others backs and talk directly to each other. No more “i heard sarah say this” or “i can’t believe ken said that”. You will talk directly to each other, no 3rd parties. I don’t care if the talks result in a screaming match, may the louder one win.

I don’t care if everyone agrees never too see each other ever again.

That is a resolution. what we have now is nothing.

I already took steps to ensure this will happen.

Everyone will be told to go to my journal, there will be no excuse that you did not read this.

Do I make myself clear? The childness will end. Start acting like adults. All of you.

I have to go. There are more important matters than this that require my attention.

Peace out, have fun.

I am right.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006


there is no entry here........

i totally didn't just make a private post one minute ago.

stop looking at me.

on a side note, hoot.

hoot hoot


hoot bitches.

Current mood: insane

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Monday, June 19, 2006


for the people living in the apartment soon....

what furniture/stuff do we need to pick up and what do we already have?

like beds, dressers, utensils,etc...

dadu's been itching to hit salvation army and if he finds a bargain for a particular item, wants to know if he should pick it up.

that is all.

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Monday, May 8, 2006


well my first time as a gm ended ok i guess. some disputing and misunderstanding over rules, but at least the plot went fairly well in the end. no TPK, but i did kill one pc at least.

God45 had it coming.

and i was running new edition mage.

go figure.

anyhoo, basic idea behind the post is to get ideas from people on what to run next/should this mage game continue next semester/over the summer. systems i know/can wing it:

hunter: first system, like to run it right, thou the club would never join a hunter game (that and it would be a short game, 2-3 sessions only)
D&D 2nd ed: the rules makee no sensee, hurt the brainee.
D&D 3rd ed: know it well enough to wing it ok, thou not the best dungeon design out there.
munchkin: next
d20 modern: possible, easy enough to pick up and figure out.
old school vampire: possibly, thou what plot is there other than watching the players try to screw each other over for power (other than the occasional vampire hunter). would need the clubs books
new school vampire: where did my meta plot go????
new school mage: already got players, just need new plot. not hard, considering there were loose ends to be filled.

most other stuff i either never been in a game so no clue on the system or just don't have the books to read and learn the system.

ok, so this post was for sarah/carrie/ken to read and comment, but meuh. I killed a pc, yay!

Current mood: exhausted

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Quote of the day-ok none really, but does the fact they actually remixed snakeman's theme from the megaman series count? give me an im and i'll send it to you. fucked up shit man.

heh, this does not mean the journal is going back to the way it was, i don't have the time for that anymore. It does mean i just might post the occasional "still alive and doing nothing" post. I liked writing in this thing everyday way back when, but it got to be a hassle and it got to be a liability, 2 things i never wanted this journal to become. Also, the old uj has cease to be, which sucks majorly. All that effort put in it for a simple key hit and goodbye, but ce la vie.

anyhoo, update for the not-so-living-in-lowell-but-still-need-to-keep-in-touch-with (Chew,Sis,ken,sarah and Maryam spring to mind). School sux, night courses are a bitch to do. Lau and i are still together, as most probably have gathered reading her lj. Love that girl to bits, and I still look at her with the same eyes that i had 2 years ago. Still participate in the gaming club, and i will make my threat of running a 2nd ed D&D ravenloft game a reality once i get a "monster binder" from sarah. Running for treasurer for the club, and currently running unopposed (doesn't mean i'll win, cthulhu really knows how to bring in the votes). Got into my first ever MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI. Had to drop it just recently, the computer was too weak to handle it, and i hadn't touched the file in a year. Just when it looked when it was getting good too, ah well. I'll pick it up again when i get a steady job and a better computer to run it on. Mark my words reader, i made a promise to my friends at prophecyofruin that i would return. On the computer note, i've stolen so many shows and show much music that my computer ran out of memory completely. constantly have to put things onto cds or delete them to free up memory. all i have to say to that is yar to being a new age pirate. oh so laurel finally for the first time got into a video game. Star Ocean: till the end of time of all picks. But she refuses to start her own file, only to grab the controller from me and play it.

still not 21, and still have never gotten drunk or high.

before i end this entry to amaze the masses, there is one issue that does need to be cleared up first. Cell phones. Hate them with a bloody passion. The plato forum of a cell phone is a phone that someone has right there when there is an emergency and that person needs to make a call or needs to be called. So what do they end up getting used for? people surgically attaching them to the side of their head. They always go off at the worst times, which is just insulting to that professor that that student couldn't be bothered to remember to turn the phone off before class/that movie crowd trying to watch that movie/that driver he just hit because he couldn't be bothered to focus more on driving/the other people in line because that chirp was more damn important (i don't want to hear your part of the conversation. What makes you think i want to hear his side of the story too)/etc... why do i hate cell phones so much? because it feels like a ball and chain attached to my waist. only 4 people ever call me:
dadu - i got that voice mail, i don't need to talk to you about it. he calls multiple times a day, got the message the first time there chief. so why don't i call back, because he'll find something else to call about that is just as stupid. When i do finally call back, there was no point, and he harps on me about everything that i can't control or handle currently because i'm more set on the 2 tests and lab report due than i am getting an oil change at the moment.
mom - ok, this is no longer recent, but never answered when she called. we'll only talk on my terms.
red cross - i'm O- blood, and normally, i'd feel obliged to go to those blood drives at school. But because of their incessant calling, daily, i will never donate blood ever again. Russ is never there, This isn't Russ's number, even "je ne parle pas englais" once, and yet they still call.
laurel - the only time i'll stop and consider answering, but 9 times out of 10 i will be in the middle of a game (not video, actual game with friends interrupting them if i took the call) and it's her. still love her to death, but it's bad manners to take the call and interrupt the game.
none of those times it's really important, and don't give me that comment hun ("where are you?","at the club, where else could i be","oh well i'm going to work now","ok have fun","why do i always i have to say 'i love you' first","hun this isn't the time for that, in the middle of something","YOU DON'T LOVE ME/YOU'LL NEVER SAY IT IN FRONT OF THE CLUB/YOU REALLY DON'T LOVE ME","love you hun","...love you too"click - multiple times before and you know it). In the end, i hate to be annoyed while i'm in the middle of doing something, especially by people i don't want to talk too right now. the point is it can wait, you can call my room phone and leave a message. i'll get back to you as soon as possible.

anything i missed?

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Friday, January 13, 2006


Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See manosstillrules's results.Collapse )

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005


geez, looking at other people's journals...

commenting on friend's journals...

talking to online friends...

even posting on the lj...

i'm really getting good at procrastinating homework.

too bad it never ends up getting done

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Monday, September 19, 2005



or rather, yar

bet you were not expecting that, were you.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005


If you read this,
Even if i don't speak to you often,
You must post a memory of me.
It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad,
Just so long as it happened.
Then post this to your journal. See what people remember about you.

Current mood: apathetic

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Thursday, January 27, 2005


she lived.

she still tried, and seriously hurt herself causing permanent damage.

but she still lives.

just figured you'd want that update.

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Friday, January 21, 2005


trust me, because of the fact i'm updating is a sign that it is not a joyous occasion.

i never want to hear that FFXI isn't real. That you're not talking to real people, that you're not sitting there alone in a room with a computer and nothing more. You are with other people, other people with lives of there own and problems of there own.

why am i updating? because i have no story to tell. It's not my business to write about other people's lives here. About other people's problems and other people's events. The rest is what happens when I'm on that computer not "interacting" with people, being "anti-social". This is not someone that you know or have met before, I've have met them only online through XI. . .

I tried all i could to reason with her, why she shouldn't do it. I proved to her factually many many reasons why she shouldn't. I quoted and invented sayings that people would've loved to get on TV commercials "it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem" , "You know a path to a better life exists, the only thing you need is the strength to take the first step" etc... but nothing worked. For all my factual arguments, she just claimed that all she had left was evil and beastial qualities remaining. Nothing I said would've swayed her, and believe me, i was at my mental peak convincing her not too.

She believed in reincarnation. I told her no after-life has any proof, so she could goto hell or just cease to exist.

She believed it to be the only path, I presented her with many different options.

Hell...I pretended to be a Republican and a Bush lover to try and stop her.

My facts only resulted in me talking to a wall, my facts were powerless to stop her resolve. In the end the only thing i hope i achieved was that she will delay long enough to ponder my words before doing the deed so that someone finds her and stops her or she chickens out of it.

At least twice she told me to forget it and pretend she didn't say anything. I said no. I couldn't just ignore something like that. It would be like me assisting her doing it, and I couldn't live with that guilt, that blood on my hands.

But the more I argued, the more I knew I was convincing her logically, but the more I saw that nothing I said would've worked. There is only one person in her life that could, and it wasn't some Thief she met a week ago.

I really don't feel good right now. Did I say all to be said to her? was there anything to say just to prolong her from doing it? did I give up too soon (read as. 3 in the morning, her and my time)? Does that still count as having her blood on my hands?

Why was her life shown to me? why was she brought into my life at the time she did? what is the reason behind it? all the early signs were there, i saw them when i first saw her, and i only hinted at not doing it because i thought she wouldn't go that far. Should I have acted before she made up her mind to act? Why would some supreme being show me a person and then have them leave when I'm powerless to do anything about it?

you guys probably want to know her story to figure out why. well my journal is no place to tell her story, i have no right in doing so. Only my thoughts and reactions are permitted.

She didn't do it yet. She has it all planned out so Monday is the day she does.

Anyone that tells me that FFXI is not interaction with real people ever again can officially goto hell for all i care. You have no idea and no right to say that anymore.

my story, the one that is about me: Zhanghe the Thief hit lvl 17 last night, that's it.

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Thursday, November 4, 2004


Quote of the Day??? "i am not an intern, and this is MY desk!!" -laurel

so what sucks worse now, i'm wondering.

1) bush getting the reelection (which only PRESUMES the end of the world)

2) everyone now at each others throats for any political reasons (not voting, being a poopy-gun-toting-conservative-republican, existing with that aura that just puts people off in general)

3) squirrels. small little bastards, taking over south campus, greedy sons of bitches.

i'd like to hear some responses (and of course, whenever i've asked this before, no one's responded) other than the one who has her hand down my shirt......and just bit me.

although, as it is my journal, i guess i should start with my opinion on the whole matter. Bush winning = poopy, but not poopy yet as everything has only been speculation. if sarah keeps informed like she said she will, then it'll be interesting to see what actually happens these four years. the future is never written. apathy really didn't win this year (sorry Nader). my excuse: the car is deceased in the sheehy lot. plus i proved that my vote would not have changed anything in the election as Kerry took Mass anyway. (laurel points out that if i was still in NH, that would've been different.) So yeah, i didn't vote, but i guess i can claim to be a bit more informed than the average human (although for lj world that doesn't amount to much}. and finally, a Jihad must be called on these nut eating bastards.

that is all.

your turn, yet again for some of you.

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Monday, September 6, 2004


t-send threatened me to update, so i did.

my summer=kingdom hearts. don't laugh. it's a really good game. that and i have a perfect file in it. perfect being beat every boss, beat every pooh minigame, 101 dalmatians, and took down sephiroth. none of this omnistats crap.

last summer=FFX-2, that's where you can laugh.

roommate is cool and i have wacky next door neighbor, although i've spent more time in the girls' suite then my own room, so much for first impressions on him.

there, i updated, so BACK OFF!

Current mood: tired

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Saturday, August 14, 2004


really long quest for larp. ignore if you're banalCollapse )

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Thursday, July 8, 2004



that was needed.

and i must have a luck stat of like 255. all this talk of delay at the airports and all that really happened was my 12 hours shift at canobie got cut to a 4 hour shift.

and for quick answer session: never hung out with ken, never saw him, no canobie can get away with not paying time and a half, and i wouldn't need a lawyer for the small claims, although my parents might use theirs (although my dad is on my side on it).

that's all. ask for any further details.

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Saturday, July 3, 2004


what the hell is wrong?

in 6 hours i ship out for disney world, and i'm not the happiest little kid ever. quite the opposite. After last tuesday, i've never really been the same. for those not keeping track, tuesday was the nervous breakdown. Dadu/sarah say to do activities outside of canobie. DDR has been helping a little (despite the fact that i had to restart my account of max1 AGAIN). Also i've taken to the larp, enough to really bug the hell out of kara. but still nothing seems right. i can't figure it out. the biggest problem is the canobie doesn't listen to what i say. it sucks since i don't request much. before/during/after the breakdown (when i first found the schedule from hell they gave me, which caused it in the first place), they kept asking me "what can you work and how many hours max?" my answer (and now they have 5 assorted slips of paper with my answer), "i want saturdays off and 40 hours MAX." this week, they complied because, well, they had to give me the days off i requested. the week i get back, i get back thurs morning. they scheduled me to work a 10-10 on thurs, and they had me scheduled to work saturday all day. granted i know that larp's off that week, but it's the principal of the thing. after all the times they asked me, they still put too many hours (44 thou, not horrible) and they set me to work the only day i told them i didn't want to (despite the lack of larp, managed to get them to remove sat). not to mention i'm horribly underpaid. i'm lucky if i'm getting grouper wages. work has become so much more of a hassle this year.

but of course, the only ones that could make it easily tolerable are spread over the state/country. a hug from laurel does such surprising things (she really brings out my inner bardbarian, psht). when she visited, all was perfect. i could goto work, come home and see her and knew all was well. and sarah and the gang could reason out any difficulty i had far better than i could. if i had trouble (like, just for example: a nervous breakdown) sarah and ken could tell me what to do about it while joe, carrie, etc... could make me feel better. it's gotten so bad that i talk to my DAD about life difficulties.

who knows, maybe after this trip everything will be better. most likely i'll have a good time at disney, then the rat race at canobie will bring me down all too fast. if they over-schedule me again or say for me to work sat, i'm really going to consider quitting. canobie really is a shitty place to work. but then again if they actually listen to my requests, then maybe things won't be so bad. i mean learning all these new rides is pretty cool (i know everything about the cannonball and starblaster, not sooooo bad).

and the family situation? i need feedback on whether i should sue my parents and bring them to small claims court over the 21 hundred. according to my dad it could be the only way i'll ever see the money again. i want more opinions on this matter, as i have no clue how to tackle it.

that and the feast isn't the only trick my boggan has up his sleeve. and my hunter character is going to undergo some changes as well, if all works out (which it probably won't, heh).

that's about everything that's been on my mind as of late. i dunno about solving anything by typing it all, but at least i'm sleepy. at least this time i won't cry at the alien ride. hey i was 8 and a nervous boy as is. that ride is CREEPY! ok maybe this time i'll skip over it but still.... creeeeeeeepy.

who the hell goes on a spiritual journey in disney. i think i've been thinking waaaaaaay too much. see if the gang were here they'd stop me from doing that.

ok, i think it's time for sleep. night all.

Current mood: sleepy

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Friday, June 18, 2004


Who's been commenting in your journal?

1 manosstillrules 65 comments 28.02% of total
2 Anonymous 39 comments 16.81% of total
3 andyt683 39 comments 16.81% of total
4 shaddup 28 comments 12.07% of total
5 adaptively 27 comments 11.64% of total
6 sushichou 13 comments 5.6% of total
7 brain_viruses 9 comments 3.88% of total
8 laurelann 8 comments 3.45% of total
9 the_raging_id 3 comments 1.29% of total
10 lal 1 comments 0.43% of total

These statistics were generated using the LJ Stats Web Interface by mpnolan. Original idea from scrapdog's LJ Comment Stats Wizard.

cool feature

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finally did something i enjoyed doing. haven't done much beyond canobie, gaming, missing my laurel. it's the story on what the hell my larp character has been doing for the past few weeks. it's horribly written since i only had two days to write it, so i rushed. thanks to the people that helped me with ideas to ad to it.

"1) spent time driving south from Lowell stopping buy at bars (not dirty ones) and asking only the boggans and eshu about the item or about the tonberry's in general.

2) a boggans tells me about a tonberry tribe in Mexico. there's a trod at the top of a ziggurats(?) guarded by an old gatekeeper.

3) an eshu tells me of the location of the ziggurat and that it's protected by an old (grump) troll.

(buy an atlas and a "learn Spanish fast" dictionary, resources 2)

4) thank the two and head on a path down towards the boarder.

5) at the boarder, tell the customs people that it's a honeymoon trip with rose and we're going to spend it in Mexico (it's believable right?)

6) we stay at a nice hotel by the ziggurat that I was told to and book a tour to go there the next day.

7) rest of the day is spent showing rose around and visiting tourist made places (the nice parts of Mexico). also talking with any other boggans or eshu in the area,

8) an eshu says that the grump is a nice guy as long as you respect the trod and take care of it.

9) very few know much about the tonberrys and what's known is mixed and vague (other than the appearance).

10) next day, head out for the ziggurat and see the trod at the top of a long staircase.

11) manage to break away from the tour group when they camp at the base for lunch and sneak to the top of the staircase.

12) step onto the trod (it's a little dusty) and see a troll standing there. he's there with a broom sweeping.

13) I introduce myself and rose and ask if he needs help. he says it's hard to keep the whole trod clean by himself.

14) I offer if we help him he let's us travel the trod. he agrees.

15) I grab a broom and start helping, rose does as well for a while then goes and prepares sandwiches and those little cake things.

16) with our help the trod is spik and span in no time. it glows a lot brighter than the trod that Sarah protects (at least when I saw it). he thanks us and gives us a piece of advice, "tonberrys have a very tight community. to attack one is to attack all, and to help one is to help all."

(does this mean I get glamor "inspire friendship"?)

17) we travel down the trod with the directions that the troll gave us. it's the safest route so there's little danger.

18) after a good walk's journey, here a scream of pain. we run off in that correction.

19) a little green man-thing in a brown robe with a lantern and knife lying beside him is being attacked by a very large weed type monster with a huge mouth in the middle of all the weeds

(marlboro anyone?)

20) the tonberry is badly hurt and can't defend himself from the next attack. I run as fast as I can to help it (call of the needy).

21) right as the marlboro throws out a shot of sludge, I cover the tonberry and take the hit (level of chimerical bashing, or lethal if it heals fast?).

22) I pick up the tonberry, and rose and I run with him over my shoulders (they look light).

23) unfortunately, the marlboro chases after.

24) of course this is the time to burst out into song.

25) I sing the king Herod’s song while being chased by marlboro, all the while we just stay out of way of the malboro's attack. doing a few athletic attack dodges on my part (as all great chases have the main character doing)

26) wayfare 1, scene 1, fei 1 (figured he's being carried by me so he's set), we start leaping 40 ft forward. faire escape.

27) we go and take care of the little guy, help him recover his wounds (along with rose's good cooking). he is hurt but he'll be ok.

28) we ask him where we are, as I’m lost as all hell.

29) he looks around and knows the place, but it's a little far from his village.

30) we offer to walk with him back to his village. he looks upset but agrees.

31) after another good walk we reach a village full of tonberrys (note: they all walk around with the lantern and knife in they're hand). walking around the village they all stare at me, rose, and especially the tonberry we helped.

(they don't take kindly to strangers, but the other tonberry is odd)

32) I ask about the items and the tonberry looks sullen when he replies that a tonberry's knife and lantern is very sacred and one must cherish they're set with all they're might. I then notice that the tonberry we helped doesn't have his knife or lantern. (lightbulb in head: he dropped it when he passed out from getting ambushed and I never picked them up).

33) I apologize to him for leaving his items. he still looks saddened but says that he is thankful for saving his life.

(another glamor?)

34) he says we must report to the king tonberry and he must take whatever punishment the king decrees.

(ok so they're the tonberrys from 8).

35) at the big building in the center we visit the tonberry king. he looks like the other tonberrys except honking huge and a big crown on his head.

36) he asks the tonberry where his knife and lantern are and we tell our story.

37) he looks down at me and rose and thanks us for helping him then turns to the tonberry and gets angry. he sentences him to jail.

38) I intervene and ask him to be nice because there was nothing he could do. he just grows even more angry at the tonberry.

39) I say, "what if he got his items back, would he be freed then?"

40) the king says that he's going to jail so he can't retrieve his knife and lantern. I counter and say that what if I got the items back for him.

41) the king ponders for a bit then says, "if your willing to do all this for him, then he will be freed."

42) I thank him, beg my leave, then wonder what to do. nothing really to do then go back out there and look.

43) got hopelessly lost, true to my nature. and I make sure never to ask for directions (as if there were people to ask).

44) find myself and rose in a jungle forest maze, once we realize it, we just keep walking trying to find our way to the end or the middle, since usually a labyrinth has something in the middle.

45) gamer knowledge prevails, there's a minotaur there. big beefy guy.

46) I get worried, but rose starts up and says hi.

47) my fears go away when he's the good kinda minotaur that bestows gifts for finding him. but it's not so simple.

48) he says that either best him in combat and he'll give me a ball of yarn that'll lead me straight to the items (and exit) I seek. not gonna happen.

49) I negotiate that if I can beat him in a battle of the mind, then he'll let us borrow it.

50) I start, I ask a calculus question, thinking this guy isn't smart in mathematics, "what is the integral of the cosine of X"

51) "sine X" the minotaur says with a grin, d'oh. his turn.

52) "what walks on 4 legs, then 2 legs, then 3?" he says. "man!" I say happily, "first we crawl, then walk, then need a cane!" "how'd you know?" asks rose "I’ve got two greek nerds, and it's a riddle from oedipus"

53) the minotaur is impressed. my turn again. "ok, what kills kings, erodes mountains, and can't be killed?"

54) the minotaur smiles, "time. that's out of the Hobbit" "ha, it seems we know each other strong points" I reply.

55) "What two animals helped Pan'Ku create the world?" his next question.

56) "Yay! Chinese trivia! the phoenix and the dragon!" my reply. I dabble in that

57) "how many times did Liu Bei visit Zhuge Liang?" I ask

58) there is a pause...."5?" the final reply is.

59) "the answer was three! Liu bei met Zhuge liang on the third visit and that's when the Shu kingdom truly became a formidable army!" I reply giddily.

60) "you are well versed in romance of the three kingdoms, here you go" -he says

(acquired yarn of know the way, but he'll want it back)

61) I thank him 20 times over and test the yarn out

62)"where is the exit?"I say, and roll the yarn out, and true to his word. the yarn wound and curved it's way around to the exit. thinking ahead, I leave a trail of rice cakes for when I need to return to the minotaur.

63). at the exit, I give a good yank and the yarn comes back.

64)I ask the yarn the location of the tonberry's knife and lantern where we first met him. the yarn rolls out a large distance.

65) another good walk, we find our way back to familiar ground.

66) the yarn ends right at the knife and the lantern isn't far off. yayness....or maybe...

67) the marlboro is still there. after recovering the items, I turn to find it there.

68) battle ensues.

69) I hand the lantern over to rose and tell her to run away. then I try the chef's knife out. "DOINK!!!"

70) the marlboro winces in pain, then shoots the sludge at me again (another chimerical bashing/lethal)

(marlboro are immune to death, so the knife only does a bit of damage (yeah I know I’m going rpg not larp, you can convert and change the stats as needed).

71) rose is determined to stay with me and then uses the lantern.

72) it glows a mysterious aura then it unleashes evil spirits and they defeat the marlboro

(karma, an attack that damages based on how many tonberries the attackee has beaten. very powerful even when the number's at like 1 or 2)

73) we rest a bit then use the yarn to find our way back to the village. on the way I try and polish the knife and lantern to shine their best.

74) we report to the tonberry king as soon as possible. upon hearing of our tale, he is most glad.

75) he frees the prisoner and we return him his lost items formally.

76) the king looks at us after the returning ceremony. "you have done this one tonberry a great deed. two from saving his life before. you have therefore done these deeds to myself and all of the tonberrys. you are most kind. we wish to bestow you with an honorary knife of your own."

77) at this point a helper opens up a towel to reveal a commemorative chef's knife. I accept this gift graciously and thank him for this gift. he tells me I’m welcomed at this village at any time. I thank him and tell him I would like to visit again at some point.

78) the next day we set out for the forest labyrinth again to return the yarn. it works to get to him, and I return it as I promised.

79) the rice cakes are mostly gone, eaten by assorted little creatures, so it takes us a little longer than last time to get out, but we do unscathed.

80) after much traveling, we reach the border again and we have nothing to declare and no food with us.

81) we reach lowell again and we go our separate ways. I thank rose for all that she did and ask if she would like to travel around again sometime, for some crazy other treasure."

no critisims please, unless you're an ST.

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Friday, May 28, 2004


finally got the mane taken off. had to in order to work at canobie. of course, there was one last ambiguous moment where my aunt June enters the salon and sits down. I'm playing mario kart on game boy and noticed she enters. I keep quiet because i wanted to see if she'd recognize me. Nope. Only when kim (stylist) says my name does she figure out it's me. She thought i was some woman sitting there. ha, one more before it's gone i figure. I've lost count how many times people thought i was a girl, but i kinda liked it. oh and kim said that hair, once it reaches 7 inches to a foot, tends to shed. So that may be why my hair only ever reached that length in the end.

That's it, just updating to let all my friends know that the hair is back to "normal". normal, not fun. oh well, at least my hunter character is still going to have the long hair.

ha, an entry about hair. me, superficial....nevar.

Current mood: indifferent

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